Last update : 12/19/20

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Snap shot of VISION running under MagicC PC under Windows NT (in 1152x870 - 64K !) - Note the real time zoom windowModern snapshot under Aranym (1920x1024x32) -Note the logging information (run "tail -f vision.log" from command line)

VISION has been distributed in 93 by ALIAS and so on until end 97. From April 98, VISION went Shareware, it is now open source (see downloads page).

VISION is realized by Jean LUSETTI and Patrice PEYRANO.




All ATARI or compatible with at less 1 Mo RAM

Hard disk recommended but not absolutely needed

All resolutions : monochrom, 16, 256, 32768, 65536 and 16 millions colors (32 bits)

Compliance with graphic cards

Perfectly working under MagicC on PC (try 1152 x 870 in 64K !)


VISION, what's that ?

VISION is a software tool under GEM :


- Multi documents, with clipboard management

- Tools : pencil, eraser, lines, ellipses, rectangles, blocks, zooms x 2, 4 ,8, 16, free block, arrays, color selection dropper, text, hand, palette management

- Image processing : resize, negative, mirors, rotations (1 accuracy), filtrering (using DSP on FALCON), brightness, gamma correction

- Smart disk undo (up to 99 undo levels !)

- Color print under NVDI or Speedo GDOS


But VISION is also much much better:

Real Time Zoom

Very fast, very useful and fully parametrable, it allows you an accuracy you never dare to imagine !



You always wanted a good slide-show ? Here it is ! The album allows you to generate a slide-show file with criterias you want !



Remember last time you were searching an image on a set of 1500 ? For VISION, each image can have up to three criterias on a set of 32 ! Smart filters then allow you to find in one click the losen image. One can also visualize its images in a window.


"Batch" conversions

Getting nervous with all these BMP files needing more and more space on you disk ? Just convert all to TIFF with LZW compression ! Just select the folders and the masks you want to apply on files and go !


Help bubbles

Never lost in VISION dialogs: wonderful help bubbles gives you all the information you need on the option you are staring at !



Just for fun : the Red-Green-Blue components of an image


Image Browser

Yeah ! Just like ACDSee ! Watch every images in a folder you want in a very simple way !


68000 / 68030 Optimizations

VISION's code includes some very powerful 68000 and 68030 optimizations Some examples:


And let me remind you: it's free and open-source !