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Welcome in the wonderful world of VISION's bugs ! Before you read this, be sure that you're really talking about a bug by having a look at the FAQ page.

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Description Correction
01 3.0a When I try to filter a 256 grey color image on Falcon, VISION crashes 3.0b
02 3.0b The selection of a color in TC wheel is not always effective then 3.0c
03 3.0b The iconification does'nt work under MagiC 3.0c
04 3.0c The selection of a color in a TC image is not effective then 3.0d
05 3.0d Memory allocation (even when disk undo is specified) of undo gamma correction or lightness in True Color modes 3.5a
06 3.0d A monochrome image is displayed in Red and White in true Color modes 3.5a
07 3.0d Some TIFF LZW images are not totally loaded (missing the last lines) 3.5a
08 3.0d In 256 colors modes, a bad palette is assigned to an image of 256 colors which uses only the first 16 ones 3.5a
09 3.0d When saving a GIF image with less colors than the screen, a bad GIF header is generated 3.5a
10 3.0d Some GIF images (animated for example) may crash VISION 3.5a
11 3.0d When VISION is running on a Magic PPC Mac, it crashes at startup (VISION has to be patched with FPUPATCH) 3.5a
12 3.0d The 'Cut' function is OK, but the next 'Paste' pastes only an empty box 3.5a
13 3.0d When moving a block near to the border on the window, the block is displayed out of the window and may crash VISION. This bug was due to the clipping handling of the vro_... functions on Falcon and not on other ATARI TOS... 3.5a
14 3.0d 3x3 filters crashes VISION in 256 colors mode on a 68000 (Note:this could only appears on a Mega STE equiped with a graphic card) Not yet
15 3.5a When used with NVDI 5.0, VISION does not find any printer driver. Note this bug is due to an improvement in a GDOS function handled by NVDI. This will be fixed with version 4.0 4.0a
16 3.5a When using NFile Selector (provided with N-AES), VISION "freezes" after the selectionof a file. It is probably due to a bad handling of some parameters by NFsel. I will try to fix this for version 4.0 but you should use Freedom before the 4.0 release...
12/08/2000 : after some long searches and even with some help, this "bug" still resists ! As other softwares than VISION crash when using NFSel, and I noticed NOTHING strange about it in VISION, I decided to ignore this "bug" and I recommend you to use Freedom2+Liberty or BoxKite, much much better and stable... I noticed that it also depends on the NFSel version...
17 3.5a The "Copy/Paste" function does not work on a machine that needs the use of standard VDI format. 4.0a
18 3.5a Batch convertions could not work on a machine that needs the use of standard VDI format. 4.0a
19 3.5a Depending on the number of text fonts, it is possible that the list box may be not correctly displayed on the text dialog. 4.0a
20 4.0a The VASTART protocol handling crashed VISION on some cases. 4.0b
21 4.0a The system colors are affected by VISION when exiting in True Color mode on MILAN 4.0b
22 4.0a When setting a folder that exceeds about 40 characters on the folder dialog box, the path name was truncated. 4.0b
23 4.0a The edit cursor isn't well displayed on a dialog box (thanks to Eric Reboux) 4.0b
24 4.0a Some GIF files with a particular malformation at the end may crash VISION while loading image 4.0b
25 4.0a When printing, widt and heigth are always set to 100% whatever ou selected. You also had to close the progress window manually. 4.0b
26 4.0a The index histogram is badly displayed (non True Color mode) 4.0b
27 4.0b Under TOS 2.04, a window closed twice freezes the system when VISION exits. 4.0c
28 4.0b The progress indication while generating a VSS file from the album is now well displayed. 4.0c
29 4.0b (Not really a bug). Under Mint, windows redrawing takes time before starting due to calls to menu_ienable (very slow...). 4.0c
30 4.0c If you exit a modal dialog by clicking on the CLOSER window button, you have to activate several times the exit to really exit (recurse in GEM message loop). Also, if you do histograms several times, VISION crashes (stack overflow). 4.0d
31 4.0c Use of flag LDVF_ATARIFORMAT in a LDV is bugged from VISION (error code always returned) 4.0d
32 4.0c If system popup routines are not available, the popup may be not erased from the menu bar 4.0d
33 4.0c The recurse functions to search files recursively in folder may not find all files (appears on multiple folders with large numbers of files (> 100)) 4.0d
34 4.0d On a Falcon in 16 bits True Color modes (NOT 15 bits), the standard VDI format is used. This works well but forces VISION to use more resources than really needed. 4.0e
35 4.0d The Redo function is buggy (crash !) on LDV modules 4.0e
36 4.0d After doing a rotation, scale or LDV, it may be necessary to resize the window image in order to get the sliders work again 4.0e
37 4.0d When a LDV changes the size of an image, the preview may not run (or crashes) and the undo may not be well sized 4.0e
38 4.0d In True Color modes, a monochrome image is displayed as a black image 4.0e
39 4.0d The zoom level indicated in the menu may not be correct 4.0e
40 4.0d When applying light or gamma correction in a True Color mode on a Falcon, the functions crashes 4.0e
41 4.0d When applying a vertical symetry on a block, a memory corruption is generated and a crash will appear soon 4.0e
42 4.0d The function "Paste as new image" does not work 4.0e
43 4.0d A bug in IMG module loading may generate data corruption 4.0e
44 4.0e Several memory leaks:
- Some color icons weren't freed
- Some allocations were not freed upon some race conditions (e.g. not enough memory to open a new image --> UNDO structure not freed)
These leaks had no consequences, either the memory was supposed to be freed only on VISION's exit, and compiler/system did it anyway or it was just a matter of dozens of bytes.
45 4.0e Under Aranym, a click on True Color Wheel did only select white color. Strangely, Aranym (or fvdi or something else) redraw bow when clicking on it. 4.1a
46 4.0e Under Aranym, starting VISION in 256 colors leaded to a crash. 4.1a
47 4.0e Some functions like image erase was limited in size and only worked on a piece of the image when too big. 4.1a
48 4.0e If an error (e.g. wrong path) was detected in VISION.INI file or if that file was missing, it was impossible to pick another one. 4.1a
49 4.0e Rotation function was wrongly performed when image width is lower than image height. 4.1a
50 4.0e Potential crash when moving the mouse over catalog window. 4.1a
51 4.1a Log file reports attempts to free unreferenced memory. This happens in 16color modes when the icon is not dynamically allocated as it exists in the current color depth. This comes from XRSRC.C file and pretty unclear function xadd_cicon. As this bug is caught by XAlloc library (XALLOC.C) does not lead to any crash nor leak, it won't be fixed (too risky!).
52 4.1a Under myAES, progresse window uses all screen height 4.5a
53 4.1a Under myAES, opening an image causes window flickering and blocks VISION. Thanks to Olivier Landemarre for his help. 4.5a
54 4.1a An access to a memory just freed could crash VISION (repro on a TT under Mint 1.19). Thanks to Guillaume Tello for his help. 4.5a
55 4.1a Help bubbles cause wrong redraws when menu is open first. 4.5a
56 4.1a In 4 color modes, some icon of Image Browser window display wrongly.
57 4.1a Under certain circonstances, some images with same number of colors than current resolution may have their catalog icons wrongly set. 4.5a
58 4.5a Page Up/Down keys on catalog window are causing bad filtering on name 4.5b
59 4.5a Crash when trying to print an image with "Rotate by 90" option set 4.5b


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