Last update : 07/31/99

ATARI Links:

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Demos Nostalgia


Very nice Web site including Java versions of the famous demos by The Carebears and the Union (remember ?)

Demos to download

Web site dedicated to demos

Atari ST Demo History

Very nice history of ATARI's demos


Bienvenue sur ma page WEB Jerôme Steiner's web site : Wonderful !

FTP Downloads

Répertoire FTP /atari/ à atari.archive.umich.edu A very large choice of softwares to download
Répertoire FTP/Atari à lip6.fr French site of downloading
GEM Programming
Gem programmer's page Good base of GEM knownledges


STraTOS Home Page Famous web site of the famous zine
Toxic Mag Home Page Toxic Mag web site, excellent On Line magazine

Personal Pages

Atari ST(E)/TT/Falcon Very good with a lot of links
Captain Blade's Atari Bookmarks A lot of links too !
Le Sud a du Sel Roland SEVIN web site, author of UPSIS, vector graphic software, have a look !
The Atari Hyperlink launchpad Norvegian web site, Very Good !
La page Atari de Jo (Ultimate TOS Software Index) A very good web site with a lot of softwares to download
Leonard HomePage Page done by the author of STSound (SoundChip emulator on PC). Terrific ! All SoundChip musics now on PC ! Ahh, Mad Max musax ...
The Little Green Desktop Whooaaahhhh ! EXCELLENT !
ATARI.ORG THE WEB site for ATARI fans ! Dozens and dozens of news, free sub-domains, free E-Mails, pathfinder, news and a perfect look and feel ! A MUST SEE !
Thalion Software Just great ! All Thalion ST & AMIGA games with mini-reviews, screenshots and musics !


Computers in general :

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Alias ALIAS's web site who distributed VISION some times ago. Now featuring PROMETHEE, very good medical manager
FILEZ Very good search engine for all machines
LDH Very good web site featuring smart papers on computers and softwares
Le Virus Informatique A different look at computers
Tout NT en Français Windows NT French dedicated web site
Net@ddress Get your free E-Mail address !
MODPlug Central Home Page A sooo cool 95/NT mod-player I just can't resist to link (in my opinion, his author doesn't come from PC World...)

Leonard HomePage STSound (Sound Chip emulator music for PC) WEB site. Great ! All the famous Mad Mad tunes on your PC !


If you like Marvel Comics :

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Spiderman A very good site dedicated to Spider-Man
The Women of Marvel Comics Wonderful page dedicated to all women in Marvel Comics
The Jean Grey Page Very very good site dedicated to my favorite heroin : Jean Grey a.k.a the Dark Phoenix
The Jack Kirby collector Very nice site dedicated to the 'king' of comics : Jack Kirby
Silver Surfer Very nice site dedicated to the silver surfer

Spawn official Web Site

Created by Todd Mc Farlane (author of Spawn), OK, he's no longer with Marvel...

P'tite Bulle

VERY GOOD French site (and only) on comics


French 'Comics' :

Title (and URL address) of the page


Bruno Bellamy A very nice Web site done by the man who often drawn in ST-MAG
Planète BD Very nice
DARGAUD The editor DARGAUD has made a remarkable web site
BD Paradisio Very good too
Astérix Good site dedicated to the famous one


Others :

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Allo Ciné Forget it ! This is a very specific French web site on Movies !
Grendizer Home Page The best web site on Grendizer !
Another page for Grendizer Very good too
SETI@Home Help Earth to find friends ! Force your stupid PC at work to work about interesting things ! If you want to find E.T in the name of ATARI, join the ATARI search team