DARK PHOENIX (01-05/05)

by PJ (pjurado@aol.com)

An alternative version of the "Dark Phoenix Saga" by Chris Claremont and John Byrne.


Jean Grey, a.k.a. Phoenix walked casually down the sterile hallway of Frost Enterprises, the industrial complex that fronted the White Queen's criminal empire. The lithe redhead's high-heeled boots clicked loudly on the hard floor as she scanned the complex for signs of Storm, one of the three X-Men kidnapped by the White Queen and her cohorts, the Hellfire Club. The beautiful young woman locked on her friend's mental screams of anguish as the White Queen ruthlessly probed her mind.

Snarling in anger, Phoenix levitated off the floor and flew with a fiery trail down the remainder of the hallway and through a large manufacturing chamber. She quickly shot through the complex until she arrived at a reinforced, vault-like door. Smiling contemptuously, Phoenix opened her slim body to the Power Cosmic, and fried the door into melting slag.

The red-haired heroine stepped delicately through the ruined door and gazed angrily at the voluptuous, scantily-clad form of the White Queen. The blonde-haired woman took her slim hand from Storm's sweating brow and turned to face her nemesis. She smiled wickedly as she placed her hands on her shapely hips and inhaled deeply, forcing her round breasts against the leather fabric of her white brassiere.

"So, the X-Men's mighty Phoenix has come to rescue her comrade-in-arms. Should I be frightened right now?" asked the woman sarcastically.

"If you had any brains in that bleach-blonde head of yours, you'd be running out the door this second. You're outclassed, Emma," retorted Phoenix with a smile.

"We'll see," said Emma as she summoned her mental powers and fired a psi-bolt from her hands at the smiling young woman. Phoenix lifted her gloved, right hand, and a mental shield formed to repel the psi-bolt easily. The White Queen frowned as she put more energy in her psi-attack and fired a larger, greenish bolt at Phoenix. The redheaded girl blocked this attack just as easily, then concentrated to form the Phoenix psi-form around her sexy body. Emma gazed in awe and fear as the energy construct flew into the air and charged her. She fired psi-bolts repeatedly at the mental creation as it dived at her and slammed into her body. The telepath screamed as she flew back through the air and smashed into a control console.

Phoenix smiled maliciously as she fired a flaming psi-bolt of her own, engulfing the prone woman in flames. The White Queen screamed in agony as her cloak and brassiere were burned away, leaving only her white panties and knee-length, spike-heeled leather boots. Her naked breasts heaved for air as she cast another psi-bolt at Phoenix, with no effect.

The red-haired young woman closed her right hand, and the bird-construct grabbed the White Queen and squeezed her slim body, making her screech in pain. The topless woman's body went limp as she concentrated all of her mental powers into a massive psi-bolt, the largest one she had ever attempted. As her body quivered in pain, Emma Frost stared at Phoenix as the young woman flew within her mental construct and pointed her right arm at her prey, squeezing her hand tighter.

As the energy bird increased the strength of its grip, the White Queen launched her bolt, slamming it into Phoenix's forehead. Phoenix screamed in agony as her brain writhed in mental flames. She lost control of her construct, which exploded with the force of a small nuke. Frost Enterprises went up in a fireball, but Phoenix used the last of her power to shield Storm from the blast and contain the explosion to the building area. Phoenix and the White Queen were hurled through space on wisps of the Power Cosmic, until both young women lost consciousness.


Emma Frost awoke to the sound of lapping water and the swaying of palm branches. She sat up from the cool, sandy ground and looked around, gathering the sights of her present location. She lay within a temperate oasis, containing a large, clear pool of water and a grove of palm trees. Dates and plums grew nearby, and a cool wind played with her short, blonde hair. The young woman looked down and saw that she was still bare-breasted, but retained her panties and boots.

She rose unsteadily to her feet, and was immediately assaulted by a intense headache. Grasping her forehead with both hands, the girl staggered forward till she reached the place where Phoenix lay unconscious, under a tall palm tree. The young woman's slim legs were splayed apart, as were her arms. Her full, round breasts rose with her steady breathing, and Emma couldn't help admiring their beauty. The heroine's long, reddish-gold hair lay like a cloud around her heart-shaped face, and her moist, red lips parted open slightly.

Feeling a warm sensation in her crotch, the White Queen sat down on the sand next to Phoenix until her head stopped spinning. When she could think straight, Emma placed her delicate right hand on Phoenix's brow and concentrated with her powers. After a moment, the young woman pulled her hand back with satisfaction, and used her hand to lightly caress the helpless girl's gorgeous body. The blonde girl lightly circled her victim's breast nipples until they grew erect and hard. She then stroked the unconscious girl's firm stomach and luscious thighs until she made her way to the prone girl's crotch.

Emma stroked and rubbed the girl's pussy until it grew warm with desire. The topless young woman lightly grabbed the neckline of Phoenix's skintight bodysuit and ripped it slowly, relishing the sound of the tearing fabric as it fell away to reveal the helpless girl's delicious body. Her round, creamy breasts were erect with lust as Emma leaned down and began to suck on them hungrily, relishing the taste of the young woman's sweet flesh.

The unconscious girl moaned as the White Queen bit lightly on her nipples, then licked down the valley between her soft tits. The blonde girl licked down Jean's tight, firm stomach till she reached the crotch, then she tore off the rest of Phoenix's costume except for the high-heeled, golden boots. Emma opened up the prone girl's legs, revealing her warm, reddish bush. The horny telepath leaned down to lick across the girl's pussy, making Jean's body tremble with desire. The White Queen licked harder across the girl's snatch, then inserted her wet tongue deeply into the unconscious girl's love hole. Phoenix moaned again as her body sent waves of sexual pleasure into her inert brain.

Emma plunged her mouth into the girl's wet cunt, licking the inside and tasting her sweet love juice. The naked girl panted for breath as Emma licked and sucked the tender flesh of her pussy, then licked the sweet flesh of her inner thighs. The naked heroine's round breasts rose and fell rapidly as Emma tongue-fucked her snatch, and reached forward with her hands to squeeze her soft tits. Sweat glistened on both girl's bodies as Emma sucked eagerly on Jean's throbbing cunt, then drank her warm cum as Phoenix orgasmed automatically, sending delicious honey into the blonde girl's thirsty mouth.

Emma crawled over Jean's limp body and kissed her deeply on the mouth, probing down her throat with a warm tongue. Jean moaned with unconscious pleasure as the two girls' tongues intertwined wantonly, then parted with a thin trail of saliva. Emma touched the helpless girl's forehead again, then turned around till her crotch was above Jean's head. The White Queen lewdly ripped off her white panties, then lowered her wet pussy onto Phoenix's slack mouth.

Following the mental command that the White Queen had imprinted on her brain, Jean Grey unconsciously began to suck on Emma's throbbing cunt. Emma moaned loudly with pleasure as she ground her crotch onto Jean's beautiful face, then leaned down to suck eagerly on her naked prisoner's reddish-gold snatch. The two naked girls tongue-fucked each other for a long time, bringing each other to orgasm several times. Emma Frost humped Jean Grey's warm mouth forcefully, her round breasts jiggling with her thrusts as she panted and moaned with ecstasy. She orgasmed into Jean's open mouth, spurting warm cum down the helpless girl's throat.

Emma pushed aside a strand of sweat-damp hair before she leaned down to suck on Jean's tight pussy and arouse her to orgasm, making her naked body shudder as she shot love honey across Emma's red lips and chin. The naked blonde girl licked the liquid off of her face with relish, then stood up from Jean Grey's prone body and turned her unconscious fucktoy onto her stomach.

Pulling the redheaded girl's firm, shapely ass into the air, Emma reopened the naked girl's legs and leaned down to lick the young woman's wet cunt, making it clench with lust as she sucked lustfully on it. Emma grabbed both of Jean's limp wrists and held them behind her back as she used her other hand to rub the redhead's pussy. Jean moaned as her creamy, firm breasts were squashed into the warm sand and her arms were pinned tightly behind her back.

Emma pushed one finger into her lover's throbbing pussy, then two, before she began thrusting deeply into the naked girl's vagina. Jean panted for air as the girl raping her licked her anus lightly, then bit hungrily into the flesh of her ass. Phoenix's helpless body rocked in the sand as the White Queen fucked her love hole with two fingers, pushing harder into her crotch. Jean Grey gasped as she orgasmed uncontrollably again, dripping cum onto Emma's slim, thrusting fingers. The White Queen removed her honey-drenched digits and sucked on them hungrily, enjoying the taste of the naked girl's cum.

Panting for air as she sat on the warm sand, Emma watched the naked form of Jean Grey as she lay limply on her stomach. Glancing at her surroundings, the White Queen felt a strange haziness about her environment. Since she wasn't consumed with lust at the moment, Emma concentrated her telepathic powers and noticed that her environment was not real, but a Astral construction. Evidently, the psychic blast of Phoenix's attack and her psi-bolt propelled them both into a sub-layer of the Astral Plain, a place where the mind dictated reality, not the laws of science.

Emma smiled as she realized the implications, then formed a thought. Her white, leather brassiere and panties reappeared on her slim body, making Emma smile with pleasure. She turned to regard her naked prisoner, then she moved forward to sit Jean up and put her back against a pine tree. The White Queen placed Jean's arms behind her back against the tree, then summoned leather bindings to tie the naked girl's wrists in place. Emma created a folding, leather-strap chair and sat back casually as Jean Grey moaned and blinked her green eyes open.

"Welcome back to the land of the living," said Emma as she smiled smugly at her naked prisoner.

"Untie me at once, you bitch!" shouted Jean as she struggled with her bonds.

"You'll have to be nicer than that to convince me," replied Emma as she twirled a blonde hair with a finger.

Phoenix stopped struggling with her bonds and wrinkled her brow with concentration. When nothing happened, the tied girl grunted with effort as she tried to summon the Power Cosmic, and failed miserably.

Emma Frost laughed at the girl's failure, then said, "You'll find your powers quite useless, Ms. Grey. I set up mental blocks in your mind while you were unconscious, and only I can release them."

"Then do it, you stupid, arrogant cunt!" screamed Jean in desperation.

"That won't do at all," remarked Emma as she stood up and slapped Jean hard across the face. Jean grunted in pain, then yelled as the blonde girl slapped her again, drawing blood from her lower lip.

"I trust that this lesson won't have to be repeated," said the White Queen as she resumed her seat.

"You'll need me to get out of here," replied Jean sullenly.

"Unfortunately, you're right on that point. But we leave here on my terms," said Emma as she smiled like a fox at her lovely prey.


Jean Grey, otherwise known as the heroine, Phoenix, sat pensively on the soft rug as her captor, Emma Frost, bathed in the cool pool of the oasis outside. The helpless young woman was sitting bound inside a large silk tent, with her wrists lashed behind her back and a rubber ball gag placed inside her mouth. A thin film of sweat covered her naked flesh as Emma entered the tent and sat heavily on a pile of soft cushions.

"Nothing like a cool bath to make a woman feel better," said the White Queen with a grin as she poured herself a glass of red wine and sat back to regard her lovely prisoner.

"Have you thought over what I said yesterday?" asked Emma lightly. Jean Grey nodded her head in the affirmative. Smiling wickedly, Emma concentrated, and the ball gag disappeared from Jean's mouth. The bound girl coughed as her captor sipped some wine.

"If it's the only way you'll cooperate and give me my powers back, then yes, I agree to your terms," replied Jean coldly.

"Excellent! I knew that you could be a smart girl," said the White Queen with a chuckle. "Are you ready to begin now?"

"Yes," replied Jean with apprehension.

"Then let the degradation of the mighty Phoenix begin," proclaimed Emma as she waved her right hand in the air and manipulated the Astral pocket with her mind.

Jean sat nervously on the rug until the tent flap opened and a fat, bearded Emir strode into the tent and gazed at her lustfully. The bound girl looked up into the cruel face of the Arab as he walked over to her and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her roughly on the mouth, forcing his tongue past her slack lips, then probed her throat eagerly. She choked on his large tongue until he pulled away from her face and looked down at her full, round breasts. She closed her eyes as the fat man sucked hungrily on her naked flesh, biting her nipples to hardness, then sucking deeply on each of her tits.

The Emir used his free hand to rub the girl's warm pussy, caressing the soft flesh of her cunt until she moaned softly. The dark-skinned man inserted one of his pudgy fingers into her wet snatch as he continued to suck on her breasts and lick the skin on her slim neck.

Emma panted softly in arousal as she commanded the fat man to retie Jean's wrists to a spike set high on one of the tent poles. With her arms stretched high above her, Jean watched her breasts thrust forward into the Emir's slobbering mouth, his loud sucking made the bound girl sexually excited despite her debasement. The man placed a second finger into her throbbing cunt and thrust deeply into her, making the girl moan loudly with pleasure. He finger-fucked the helpless young woman for several minutes until she orgasmed, spurting warm cum on his callous digits. The Emir sucked eagerly on his fingers, relishing the sweet honey of her body.

Jean closed her eyes and panted softly until the man pulled back her head by her beautiful, long, red hair and kissed her wantonly on the mouth. After caressing her wet tongue with his, the man knelt down before her bound body and pulled her legs apart, revealing her reddish-gold snatch. He licked his chapped lips as he leaned forward to lick her warm cunt with his tongue, making her gasp with arousal. He thrust his tongue deeply into her pussy, and the girl moaned loudly as Emma elongated the tongue to twice normal, human size.

Jean moaned as the Emir probed deeply into her vagina, licking the throbbing flesh of her pussy and exploring her womanhood. The bound girl's breasts heaved for air as she panted and licked her dry lips with her tongue. After tongue-fucking the young woman for awhile, Jean orgasmed again, pouring love honey down the thirsty man's eager mouth. He sucked on her warm pussy until he had drank all of her sweet cum, then he untied her from the pole.

Jean wheezed for air as the Emir went to a nearby table and grabbed a pitcher of water. As the naked girl gazed at the water longingly, the dark man took a long drink, then smacked his lips in satisfaction. As Jean tried to moisten her own dry lips with her tongue, the man took off his pants and stood before her with his erect cock in her face. She smelled the man's musk as he retied her wrists behind her back, then let her kneel before him as he poured cool water over his erect penis.

Jean looked at Emma with hatred in her green eyes as the blonde girl sat on the pillows with her legs wide apart and fucked her pussy with a large dildo. The bound girl turned back to the man's cock, then leaned forward to lick it softly with her tongue. The man grunted with pleasure as he grabbed a handful of her red hair and pushed her face harder against his cock. Jean moaned as she took the rod deeply into her throat, then she sucked on it eagerly to drink the water on it. The Emir thrust his crotch past the girl's warm, red lips, watching her suck on his cock, then lick along the shaft till she reached his hairy balls. He poured more water over his penis, making Jean lick his meat eagerly to satisfy her thirst.

She sucked deeply on his balls, then licked his whole cock back to the tip, where she sucked eagerly on the head till he orgasmed into her mouth. She drank the fat man's cum, then sucked softly on the wet tip of his cock until he thrust it back into her mouth again. The Emir ran his bloated hands through her soft, sweat-slick red hair as he fucked her mouth with his rod, then he backed away and pushed the bound girl onto her bare back.

Jean panted for breath as the fat man opened her legs and placed the tip of his cock against the soft flesh of her pussy. She pleaded with him to stop with her wide, green eyes, but the dark man ignored her and plunged his ever-erect penis into her cunt. Jean screamed in ecstasy as the man fucked her snatch with his large rod. Emma made it grow larger and larger until it filled her vagina with meat. The naked girl arched her back as she took the strong thrusts of the Emir, panting deeply as he rammed his cock into her soft, yielding pussy. The man leaned forward to squeeze her creamy, full breasts as he pumped into her, sweat glistening on both of their bodies.

Jean closed her eyes and moaned with her full, red lips as the man fondled her tits and pushed ever deeper into her womanhood, sending waves of sexual pleasure into her slim, naked body. The man and girl orgasmed at the same time, her warm cum mixing with his jism. The fat man pulled slowly out of her pussy, then leaned forward to press his many folds of flesh against her naked body and kiss her deeply on the mouth, licking her teeth and caressing her wet tongue with his own before he sucked lightly on her sweet, red lips. Jean lay limply on the rug as the Emir faded into thin air, and a panting Emma sat down next to her.

"You can't tell me that you didn't enjoy that," said Emma with a grin. "I could tell that you were getting off on it."

"Maybe I did. If so, I disgust myself," replied Jean as she lay on her back and panted with closed eyes. "I really have become a slut."

"Nothing wrong with being sexually liberated," remarked the blonde girl as she lightly caressed Jean's right breast. "I think that it suits you, and so does Jason Wyngarde."

"How do you know about him?" asked Jean with alarm as she opened her green eyes to regard the White Queen.

"He's an associate of Frost Enterprises, a liaison between my firm and a successful European trade bloc. I've met him once or twice, and he's very handsome," said Emma with a wistful smile. "He's told me how he met you and that you've been dating him every now and then. I wonder what Scott would say?"

"I only dated him when I thought Scott was dead," replied Jean defensively.

"And now he doesn't interest you in the least."

"I didn't say that," admitted the redheaded girl reluctantly.

"Then I say you've got a big decision to make," replied Emma as she kissed Jean lightly on the lips and went back to lay on her silk cushions. "You can leave the tent and take a bath if you want. I know that you don't want to go back to Earth covered in sweat and smelling of sex. Although I wouldn't mind," remarked the White Queen with a wanton smile.


Jean swam slowly across the diameter of the pool, letting the cool water wash over her naked body. The young woman considered her options as she floated lightly on the surface of the pool, watching the moon rise above the horizon and outshine the stars in the velvet night. Emma had released her wrist bonds, and had removed the mental blocks on her powers.

Jean had immediately filled her naked form with the Power Cosmic, and was surprised to find how sexually arousing the power was. She considered blasting Frost into ash on the spot, but she hesitated. As much as she hated the White Queen, she couldn't help feeling slightly grateful to the bitch for awakening the sweet hunger for sex that she hadn't possessed before. She had dreamed of making love to Jason Wyngarde on several occasions, but something had held her back from consummating their imaginary trysts.

She had thought that her love for Scott, and her strict moral upbringing had stopped her from making love, but now she seemed to have no qualms about performing sex with anyone. Even now, looking at the scantily-clad White Queen eating grapes from a silver plate, the red-haired girl felt a warm sensation in her crotch, a sexual hunger that demanded to be filled. She had enjoyed it when that fat man had raped her, even when her mind said that it was wrong.

The naked girl climbed out of the clear pool and created a black cloak to wrap around her beautiful body, then she sat upon the warm sand near a palm tree and leaned heavily against it. She summoned a glass of wine, and gulped it down quickly. Refilling the glass, Phoenix sipped it lightly as she contemplated the Astral Plane and wondered what she was becoming.


The next morning, Jean awoke and sat up from the sandy ground. She blinked her wide, green eyes until she was alert, then she stood up and pulled off the black cloak. The red-haired girl stared at herself in amazement as she beheld the black brassiere that enfolded her torso and squeezed her firm, full breasts together. Black, silk panties covered her crotch, and knee-high, hard, leather boots with high-heels covered her dainty feet. She wore a leather choke collar around her slim neck, and her long, red hair was tied in a bun over her head. Looking into the water, Jean saw a black birthmark near her mouth, and her face stared lustfully back at her. The scantily-clad girl backed quickly away from the water, and noticed the leather whip tied to her waist.

"Nice outfit," remarked Emma as she gazed at her nemesis in surprise and humor.

"But, I...I didn't create this on purpose," gasped Jean as she looked at her black-gloved hands as if they belonged to someone else, someone dirty.

"It looks like something Jason would want you to wear," said Emma thoughtfully. "I wondered about this 'Black Queen' he kept harping on all the time. He said that he was going to introduce her to the Hellfire Club at the anniversary party this year."

"Jason..." muttered Jean as images of him washed over her mind, flashes of dreams where she had been his wife in the Colonial period of America, a fiery woman with strong appetites, a fierce bloodlust, and utter devotion to her lord and husband. Jean rubbed her temples with her slim hands, then concentrated to dispel the dark clothing and replace it with her green and gold, skintight bodysuit.

The red-haired girl walked softly on the sand until she stood before the White Queen, then both young women reached out to each other and placed their fingers on each other's foreheads.

"My mind, to your mind," whispered Emma as she focused her psychic powers on Phoenix.

"My mind, to your mind," replied Jean as she closed her eyes and concentrated on linking with the blonde girl. The two telepaths joined their minds together, and used their combined power to fly high into the air above the oasis and pierce the shell of the Astral sub-layer. Sailing through the rough mental winds of Astral space, the two girls focused their thoughts on Earth, and the couple plunged down a vortex of light into the nexus that led home.


Phoenix blinked her eyes as she regained consciousness and found herself standing in the ruined interrogation room of the White Queen. Emma was no where to be found, but Storm lay limply on the floor, protected by a bubble of Phoenix's power. The red-haired goddess walked gracefully over to her prone friend and picked her off the floor.

Summoning the Power Cosmic, Phoenix created a fiery bird construct and sent it hurling into the ruins above, blasting a pathway to the surface. Phoenix carried her friend through the opening until they reached the outside air, and a light breeze ruffled the girl's long, red hair. Phoenix smiled as she recognized home, then she frowned as she heard Cyclops' mental screams as he tried to contact her through their telepathic rapport.

She replied to calm him, then turned to watch an airship launch from a nearby pad and soar quickly into the night sky. The White Queen would be on that ship, but Phoenix did not pursue her. Emma had helped awaken the darkness in Phoenix, a darkness fed by Jason Wyngarde as he closed his grip on her mind and body. Part of her fought the darkness, refused to surrender to it; but another part of her welcomed the darkness, and relished the hot sexuality of unlimited power that existed for her to exploit.


Thunder crashed across the sky as the limousine carrying Jean Grey and Scott Summers drove through the water-filled streets of New York. The red-haired young woman filled a crystal glass with wine and sipped it appreciatively before Scott looked at her askance.

"Should you really be drinking before our insertion?" asked Scott with concern. "I need you alert and ready for action when we go in."

"Don't worry, lover," replied Jean nonchalantly. "If anything happens, I'll take care of it."

"You've been acting pretty confident lately," said Scott. "I hope you're not letting your powers go to your head. Sloppy thinking can get us killed."

"Shut up and let me worry about my powers!" hissed Jean angrily as she gulped down the rest of her wine and refilled her glass. Scott watched her with a frown, then sighed and turned to look out the rain-drenched window as the luxury car reached the Hellfire Club and pulled in front of the ornate glass doors.

Scott waited until the doorman opened the door and gestured for them to exit. Scott got out first and took Jean's hand as she slid off the leather car seat and stood in her long, black dress. The cold, moisture-laden air blew across Jean Grey's long, red-gold hair as she let Scott lead her by the hand to the double doors of the Hellfire Club. Another servant opened the portals for them, and the couple entered a lavish entry hall carpeted with rich, imported fabric. A young girl in a skimpy frenchmaid's outfit took Scott's coat and Jean's black cloak, then motioned them forward to the guest hall.

Taking Jean's arm with his right hand, Scott led them into a huge, crowd-filled chamber lit by expensive crystal chandeliers. Important ambassadors, politicians, and industrial leaders talked in low tones and drank champagne from crystal glasses. In a open area at the far side of the room, a small orchestra played while couples danced gracefully on a polished marble dais. Jean accepted a glass of champagne from a nearby waiter dressed in Colonial-era finery, but Scott shook his head.

"C'mon, Scott. Look like you're enjoying yourself," whispered Jean as she sipped lightly on her drink.

"I have to coordinate everybody's entrance," replied Scott tersely as he raised his wristwatch to his mouth and whispered into it. Glancing at her lover with exasperation, Jean felt her gaze pulled away by the familiar form of Jason Wyngarde. Jean smiled unconsciously as she watched the handsome, bearded man approach her and pull her gently away from the distracted Scott Summers.

"A pleasure to see you again," remarked Jason smoothly as he led her by the arm to the marble dais. "That dress looks exquisite on you."

"Thank you," replied Jean with a blush of pleasure as she flourished her dress before Jason, with its low neckline and open back. The bearded man kissed the knuckles of her left hand, making her body grow warm with arousal, then led her gently up the steps of the dais to join the wheeling dancers before them.

Jason placed his right arm around her slender waist while he held her hand with the other. He stood close to her sexy body as he led them twirling around the dais to the sweet strains of violins and flutes. Jean felt her mind slip into the persona of Lady Jean Grey, wife to plantation owner Jason Wyngarde, the only love in her life. They danced at a ball celebrating their new marriage, and Jean felt like she danced on air. Occasionally, Jason would rub his crotch gently over her own, and her body trembled with sexual excitement. He kissed her lightly on the lips, then became more forceful, inserting his tongue into her willing mouth. She moaned lightly as he softly caressed her firm ass with his hand, then led them to the edge of the dais and towards an ascending staircase.

Scott finally realized that Jean was no longer with him, and quickly spied her slim form walking away with a lace-bedecked stranger. The leader of the X-Men swiftly made his way past the revelers, and finally caught up with the couple as they neared the top of the staircase. The stranger's body turned hazy as his true form appeared, and Scott exclaimed in shock, "Mastermind!"

"The game's over, boy," said the haggard, lanky-haired man as he glanced at Cyclops. "You've lost the match, and the lovely prize."

Scott quickly ran up the stairs and down a hallway after the escaping couple. As he turned a corner, a flare of plasma energy smashed into his body and hurled him into the far wall. Cyclops' limp body smoked on the floor as Jason Wyngarde and Jean Grey, dressed in the black brassiere and cloak of the Black Queen, walked over to regard their prey.

"Sebastian Shaw wants the X-Men alive," admonished Jason to his beautiful cohort.

"Be at ease, my lord," replied Jean with a wicked grin. "If I had wanted him dead, the lad would be nothing but ash."

The Black Queen stood triumphantly with the rest of the Inner Circle as they regarded the helpless, shackled forms of the X-Men. The leather-clad vixen entwined the fingers of her left hand with Jason's as she smiled wantonly.

"Well done, Jason," congratulated Sebastian Shaw, the leader of the Inner Circle. The two handsome men shook hands warmly, belying the lust for power that consumed them both.

Jason moved his left arm to encircle Jean's waist possessively, then said, "If my work here is done, I wish to celebrate my victory with my lovely wife, the Black Queen."

"Hail the Black Queen!" shouted the men of the Circle as they raised their glasses in salute. "Long may she reign!"


Jason Wyngarde escorted Jean Grey into a conference room and locked the door behind them. Jean smiled lustfully at her imagined husband as she undid the clasp of her cloak and let it fall to the floor. As Jason took off his top coat and shirt, Jean undid the strings of her black, leather brassiere and threw it carelessly to the side. Jason gazed hungrily at her round, firm breasts as she pulled down her black, silk panties and threw them playfully at him. He caught the thin fabric and inhaled her womanhood as she swayed over to where he stood and knelt down before him.

Jason smiled as he caressed her soft, red hair and untied the bun that kept her fiery mane in place. A cascade of reddish silk fell down her naked back as she undid her lord's pants and pulled out his flaccid cock. The eager slut stroked and kissed Jason's penis until it grew erect with arousal. Jean smiled up at her master before she leaned forward to suck on the tip of his cock lightly, then take it deeply into her wet mouth. Jason grunted with pleasure as his mental slave sucked lustfully on his rod, taking it far into her throat before moving back to lick along his shaft and suck lightly on his balls. He grasped her head firmly with both hands as the naked girl sucked his cock back and forth, her moist, red lips caressing his meat lovingly.

Jason pulled his cock away from Jean's eager mouth, then placed his erect member between the girl's full breasts. Jean cooed with pleasure as the man thrust his rod across the creamy flesh of her tits, making them erect and hard with desire. The young woman licked the tip of his penis when it got close to her mouth, then squeezed her breasts together so her flesh enwrapped his engorged rod. Jason fucked the girl's tits until he shot his load across her chest and face. Jean laughed as she licked the cum from her chin and nipples, then bent forward to lick her lord's cock clean.

As the wanton slut sucked lightly along the sides of his rod, Jason pulled her to her feet and pushed her onto the long, oak conference table. Jean opened her thighs wide apart to accept her master's cock, but Jason leaned forward to lick across her reddish-gold snatch with his tongue. Jean moaned with sexual pleasure as the man sucked lightly on her pussy lips, then plunged his tongue deeply into her throbbing cunt. The naked girl screamed in ecstasy as her lover thrust back and forth into her love hole with his tongue, tasting her womanhood like fine wine.

Jason slurped loudly in her pussy as Jean fondled her heaving breasts and licked her nipples wantonly. The naked girl thrust her crotch onto the man's hungry mouth as he sucked deeply on her cunt flesh, bringing her quickly to orgasm and making her spurt warm cum into his open mouth. Jason drank deeply of her love honey, then licked the soft flesh of her inner thighs before leaning forward to kiss his lover passionately on the mouth. Jean tasted her own cum and relished the flavor before Jason moved down to suck hungrily on her breasts. The naked girl moaned loudly as she lay back against the table and wrapped her leather-encased legs around the waist of her lord.

Jason sucked loudly on the sweet-tasting flesh of Jean's tits, moving from one engorged mound to the other before moving back to brandish his cock.

"Put that big, meaty cock in my cunt, master," begged Jean as she fondled her pussy lustfully.

"You want it?" teased Jason as he rubbed his tool lightly.

"Yes! Please! Fuck me hard, master! Make me cum!" pleaded the naked girl as she licked her red lips and panted softly.

"Very well, slut. I'm going to fuck you real hard!" declared Jason as he plunged his engorged cock into Jean's warm pussy and began pushing his crotch against hers. Jean moaned and panted with pleasure as she returned his thrusts and fucked his hard penis with her hungry pussy. The naked girl's tight cunt cling firmly to her master's rod as they fucked each other on the table. Sweat covered both of their naked bodies as Jason reached forward with his hands to squeeze his whore's round breasts. Jean covered his hands with her own delicate ones as she pumped harder into him, relishing the feel of his meat in her warm vagina.

Jason pushed the naked girl's back hard against the oak as he thrust deeply into her pussy, grunting with effort and pleasure as he fucked his beautiful, female slave. Jason orgasmed into her cunt, shooting jism

deeply into her. Jean screamed as she orgasmed, spurting warm cum over her lover's cock and onto the table. The man pulled weakly out of her squeezing pussy, then the naked girl sat up and leaned down to suck eagerly on his warm penis and clean the meat of both their jism.

Jason smiled with satisfaction as he watched Jean laying on her stomach and sucking slowly on his cock like a child with a lollipop. The naked girl smiled around his rod as she licked along the shaft, then moved back to suck on the tip of his penis. The man stroked her sweat-damp, red hair, then caressed the smooth flesh of her cheek and chin before leaning down to kiss her deeply on the mouth. Their tongues caressed each other lustfully, then Jason backed away to approach a wine cabinet and fill two glasses.

Jean sat docilely on the table as her lord walked back to her and gallantly handed her a glass of wine. They clinked the glasses together, then drank deeply of the sweet beverage as their sex-drenched bodies cooled down.

As Jean finished her glass, she felt a twinge in her mind, the psychic rapport with Scott was active, and in a quick flash, she saw Jason impale Scott with a deadly rapier. The fog of lust and decadence that had filled her mind disappeared in a heartbeat, and Phoenix was in command of herself once more. She looked up to regard Jason as he pulled his pants back on, and she saw the tired, slack face of Mastermind as he put on the remainder of his clothes.

The naked, red-haired girl frowned in confusion as the old, thin form of Mastermind flickered to the darkly handsome image of Jason, then returned to the old man. Jason showed no signs of noticing Jean's distress as he kissed her quickly on the lips, then moved to open the door.

"I have to go check on the Inner Circle and see what they're up to with the X-Men. Meet me in the study when you're ready," ordered Mastermind as he smiled condescendingly at Jean and closed the door. Phoenix looked down at her slim hands that lay in her lap, and tried to fight the dark submissiveness that washed over her mind like a rough sea. When she looked up, the fires of Hell raged within her eyes, and she summoned the infinite wells of the Power Cosmic to deliver her revenge.


Jean Grey, the Black Queen, entered the study where the Inner Circle gloated over the shackled X-Men. Sebastian Shaw was telling Nightcrawler how he planned to use the X-Men as guinea pigs in experiments to find the gene that created super-powered beings.

Jean moved to stand next to Jason Wyngarde, then looked to watch Scott Summers as he leaned heavily against the wall, a ruby quartz sphere covering his head and holding his powerful optic blasts in check. Glancing quickly at Jason, the Black Queen sent a tendril of power across the room and unlocked Cyclops' helmet.

The mutant leader fired his optic blasts and sent the helmet flying into the head of one of the Inner Circle. As the evil men turned to regard their fallen comrade, Cyclops fired another blast at Sebastian Shaw,

sending him crashing through the study door and into the party chamber. The Black Queen released Wolverine with her telekinetic powers as Cyclops freed the rest of the X-Men. As Wolverine charged the fat Harry Leland and impaled the man with his claws, Jean smiled wolfishly and teleported out of the room.


Jason Wyngarde stumbled down a empty hallway as he tried to escape the Hellfire Club. He descended a staircase, and began to make his way to the basement exit just as the lights went out. The handsome man used his powers of illusion to blend in with the wall, and cautiously advanced down the passage.

The Black Queen stood within the shadows and smiled coldly as she watched the foolish man try to escape her. The Power Cosmic flowed from her leather-encased body in hazy waves as she quietly followed her prey till he reached an intersection in the hallway.

<Going somewhere, Jason?> whispered Jean into the man's mind as he whirled around to face her.

"Stay away from me!" shouted Mastermind as he slowly backed away from her. "I command you to stay back!"

"You? Command me? The Black Queen, wielder of the Power Cosmic? I think you overestimate your own importance, little man," replied Jean as she gathered raw power in her right hand and launched a flaming bird claw at the cowering mutant. Mastermind screamed as the plasma-flamed construct burned his flesh and smashed him into the far wall of the hallway. Jean held the man with her power as she advanced up to him and smiled murderously into his wide eyes.

"You have no idea of the powers you've let loose upon the universe," said Phoenix in a resonant voice as she squeezed the life out of her one time love.

"Please, don't kill me," whimpered Mastermind as he stared at the Dark Angel with terror.

"Oh, I won't kill you," hissed Jean as she leaned close to Mastermind's face. "I'm going to give you what you want. You sought power with me as your puppet. Very well, I shall give you power."

Mastermind shrunk away from Jean's touch as she placed her slim right hand on his wrinkled brow and sent the Power Cosmic surging into his frail body. The old man screamed in agony as the power of creation boiled in every cell of his being, shredding his soul apart like it was toilet paper. The helpless man screamed for a long time, and Jean smiled with pleasure as she enjoyed the sweet sound.


The X-Men gathered together after routing the Inner Circle, then they ran out of the Hellfire Club into a nearby park. As Cyclops summoned their hoverjet, Phoenix touched her throbbing forehead with her hand and tried to quell the bloodlust that surged through her mind. Darkness and sweet, seductive anger coiled in her breast, and Phoenix felt her powers surge out of control. Cyclops helped her into the waiting jet, then took the pilot's chair and launched the ship high into the clear New York sky.

Phoenix's vision became hazy and red, and before she could stop it, her power blossomed and destroyed the hoverjet in a rolling fireball. Phoenix hovered in the air as she watched her friends plunge into the glade below. She felt an overwhelming urge to pursue the X-Men and crush them like bugs, but she concentrated on flying away from the descending wreckage as fast as she could. The huge metropolis disappeared quickly behind the beautiful young woman as she flew like a comet across the US and down to the home of her childhood.

Phoenix looked at herself as she touched down on the ground, and saw that her Black Queen garb had disappeared. She now wore the skintight bodysuit of her Phoenix costume, but now it was black and gold, not green/gold as before. Her long, silky red/gold hair flowed down her back in shining waves, and Phoenix sighed as she accepted yet another change in persona.

The shapely girl opened the locked door of her home with ease, and walked quietly inside the living room. The angry goddess looked down at a portrait of her mother, father, and two sisters that sat on an endtable, and smiled wistfully at happier memories. The anger washed over her mind, however, making the girl turn away from the picture and climb the stairs like a hunting panther. With her enhanced hearing, Phoenix heard faint female moaning, which made her smile hungrily.

Dark Phoenix swayed down the hall till she reached the source of the moaning, then slowly opened the door that led inside. She emerged into the bedroom of her younger sister, Angela, who was sixteen years old. The young girl lay on her bed with her legs wide apart as she rubbed her wet pussy with her fingers. Angela had large breasts for her age, and long blonde hair. The girl moaned faintly as she inserted a small finger into her cunt and probed inside her delicate womanhood. Phoenix walked over to Angela's bed and sat down at the edge, which made her sister open her eyes and regard the intruder with surprise.

"Jean? Is that you?" asked Angela in disbelief as she quickly removed her fingers from her crotch and pulled her nightdress down.

"It's me, little one," replied Phoenix as she lightly caressed her young sister's firm stomach.

"What are you doing here?" inquired the girl anxiously.

"I came to see you."

"Well...I'm glad to see you. Are you O.K.?"

"Yes, little one. I'm fine," replied Phoenix with a smile as she softly caressed her sister's full breasts.

"Uh...do you want me to wake up Mom and Dad?" asked Angela nervously as she backed away slowly from her older sister.

"No. I want you to lay back and let me help you get off," responded Phoenix as she ripped her sister's nightdress open and leaned down to suck eagerly on the young girl's breasts.

"Jean! No!" shouted Angela as her sister bit her nipples hard, then moved to suck deeply on the flesh of her left tit. Phoenix ignored her victim as she summoned a ball gag for Angela's screaming mouth, then cold metal handcuffs to bind the girl's hands behind her back. As the metal restraints clicked into place, Phoenix pulled off the shreds of the silk nightdress, leaving the bound girl completely naked. Angela moaned through the gag as her sister licked between her tits, then kissed the sweet flesh along her shoulders and neck.

Jean licked her sister's naked skin down her stomach until she reached the girl's crotch. Forcing the bound girl's legs apart, Jean leaned down lick across her blonde snatch, tasting her young sister's pussy and relishing it. Angela moaned as Jean inserted her wet tongue into the girl's pussy, exploring her cunt slowly before thrusting in and out quickly. The bound girl's breasts jiggled as her body rocked back and forth to the thrust's of her sister's mouth, her cunt throbbing in excitement as the woman pierced her sex. Angela screamed as she experienced her first orgasm with another person, then she laid back limply on her bed.

Jean rolled her handcuffed sister onto her stomach, then pulled the girl's ass up till it beckoned her. Phoenix grew a large, pulsing dildo in her mouth, then leaned down to insert it roughly into her sister's warm vagina. Angela screamed in pain as the cock plunged into her open love hole, but the rubber gag blocked most of her moaning. Jean thrust her face hard against the naked girl's pussy, forcing the erect, fleshy penis deeply into her sister. The bound girl moaned loudly as pain became sexual pleasure, and she began to push her hot crotch harder against the engorged rod.

Jean grabbed her sister's shapely ass and squeezed it wantonly as she fucked the young girl's cunt fiercely. Angela orgasmed again, and Jean grew suckers on the cock to drink in the girl's sweet cum. The girl moaned with pleasure as the little mouths pulled on her pussy flesh and emptied her out. She lay panting on her stomach as Jean dissolved the gag in her mouth and laid down next to her on the bed.

"You can scream all you want, little sister. I've put everyone else in the house in a coma while we play," whispered Phoenix with an evil grin.

"Why are you doing this, Jean?" asked the bound girl desperately as she watched her older sister with horror.

"Because I enjoy fucking young girls like you who haven't been corrupted by men yet. Maybe you'll like this so much you'll became a lesbian," giggled Jean as she grabbed her naked sister by the hips and placed the struggling girl on the huge cock growing out of her open crotch.

"Jean! Please! Don't!" begged the girl as Jean pushed her on the pulsing rod and forced it deeply into her pussy. Angela screamed as the cock thrust into her hungry pussy and reached deeply into her womanhood. Jean enlarged the cock until the slimy meat filled the girl's vagina, then began pushing up into Angela. The naked girl moaned loudly as her round breasts flopped up and down with her sister's thrusts, and sweat glistened on her naked skin. Tentacles grew out of Phoenix's flesh to enfold the naked girl's full breasts and squeeze them tightly. Little suckers appeared and attached to Angela's nipples, drinking her flesh eagerly.

The young girl moaned loudly until a thick, phallic-looking tentacle wrapped around her neck and went inside her open mouth, exploring deeply in her throat. The bound girl sucked hungrily on the cock within her lips as Jean's lust began to overwhelm her. She thrust her small crotch slutfully onto the large penis within her, and relished the feeling of the slimy tentacles that caressed her heaving breasts. Angela orgasmed a third time, moaning in pleasure as she rode her sister like a horny cowgirl.

Jean smiled at her young sister's slutty behavior and pumped harder into the young girl, watching her suck eagerly on the tentacle in her mouth until it pulled out and shot purplish cum across her face and tits. Angela laughed as she licked the warm jism off of her chin and tits, then reached up with her mouth to suck wantonly on the cock dangling above her head. The naked girl took the tentacle deeply into her throat, then moved to suck lightly on the head of the penis before licking along the slimy shaft of the rod.

Tentacles continued to squeeze her full breasts as a new limb caressed her shapely ass, then entered her tight anus. Angela gasped in surprise, then smiled before resuming her cock-sucking. Jean orgasmed strongly into her sister's hot pussy, then sat up to kiss Angela deeply on the mouth, probing her wet mouth lustfully.

After the sisters kissed, they both took turns sucking on the throbbing cock hanging above them, with Angela sucking the tip while Jean licked along the shaft. The engorged limb eventually shot slimy jism over both of their naked bodies, and the two young women slowly licked the cum off of each other hungrily.

Phoenix dismissed the roving tentacles, then unbound her naked, panting sister before standing up from the bed and restoring her skintight costume. The young woman raked a hand through her sweat-damp hair before leaning down to suck lightly on her little sister's sweet lips. Angela returned the favor, then sat back to regard her corrupt sibling.

"Where will you go?" asked the exhausted girl.

"I don't know. Far from Earth, probably," replied Dark Phoenix as she walked towards the door.

"Come visit me sometime," suggested Angela hopefully. "After a first-class fuck like that, you've ruined me for ordinary people."

"It's true that you'll never be with anyone better, but don't let that stop you. Fuck everything you can get your hands on, you'll enjoy it."

"Well, I do have this cute brunette girl in my class that I've been wanting to tongue-fuck," muttered the blonde girl thoughtfully.

"Then go for it. Suck her pussy dry," encouraged Phoenix as she went through the door and closed it quietly after her. Angela laid back against the sweat and cum drenched sheets and fondled her round tits lightly as she smiled to herself.


Dark Phoenix left her childhood home and began to ascend into the sky, when a psi-bolt of incredible power smashed into her and sent her body tumbling to the ground. As she lay stunned on the grass, Professor Charles Xavier rolled his wheelchair closer to her and sent another bolt into her fog-filled brain. Phoenix screamed in agony, then attempted to raise a mental shield in defense. Xavier allowed her no reprieve as he used his vast mental powers to smash into her will and destroy her hasty defenses.

The lovely young woman fell limply onto her back and lay there as Xavier rolled up to her body and concentrated on establishing a new wall of psychic blocks around her Phoenix abilities, reducing her to merely the levels of power she had possessed as Marvel Girl. The helpless girl's costume disappeared, leaving her naked as Scott Summers rushed over to her and held her close. Jean clung to her lover as she felt her great powers fade away, leaving her with only limited telepathy and reduced telekinetic abilities.

"Are you all right?" asked Scott with concern.

"Yes, love. I'm finally myself again," replied Jean with a weak smile as her father rushed from the house and gave Scott a warm blanket to cover her naked body.

"What the hell's going on?" asked Mr. Grey as he glared at Prof. Xavier.

"I'll be glad to tell you, Mr. Grey. But first, could I trouble you for a cup of tea?" inquired Xavier just as a transporter beam surrounded him, Scott, and Jean with a prism of light and whisked them away.

"What the hell?!" exclaimed Grey as he looked up to gaze into the clear, night sky.


"You three are now prisoners of the Shi'ar Empire. An Imperial court will determine the guilt of one Jean Grey, known as Phoenix, as a threat to sentient life throughout the universe. If found guilty, said Jean Grey will be put to death!" exclaimed a slim woman in snug body armor and carrying an ornate staff of office. "So speaks Lilandra, Empress of the Shi'ar Empire!"


Jean Grey slept fitfully in her small room, a thin sheet covering her lithe, naked body as dreams of Dark Phoenix flittered in her mind. She awoke with a start, her body drenched in sweat, which caused her to sigh in frustration. She put on a light silk robe and walked softly to a observation window that overlooked the planet Earth. The young woman gazed at her homeworld with longing as she considered the coming trial and the possibility of her death. Hours passed, then the lights flickered on and a servant droid entered the room with a tray of hot food and her old Marvel Girl costume. The red-haired girl sat at a nearby table to eat her last meal as the droid made up her bed, then stoically left the room.

Jean Grey and Scott Summers, dressed as Marvel Girl and Cyclops, stood upon a transporter dais as Empress Lilandra contemplated them coldly. Prof. Xavier sat near the young ruler, watching his young charges with concern as the woman struck her staff three times on the floor.

"Jean Grey, you are charged with endangering the lives of all sentient beings throughout the universe with your access to the Power Cosmic. No being in recorded history as had the ability to channel as much raw power as you are now capable of. It is inevitable that you will be corrupted by this power and use it to usurp the rights of lesser beings, ourselves included. To prevent this potential disaster, the Shi'ar Empire along with most of the advanced planets in this quadrant have sentenced you to this trial by combat. If you lose, you will be put to death. If you win, you will be allowed to go, and hopefully you will be able to control the godlike powers at your disposal.

"Professor Xavier has told me of the mental barriers around your Phoenix persona, but I do not have faith that it will indefinitely contain your abilities. Your reduced state will make this trial an equitable one,

however. Now, let the trial begin!" exclaimed Lilandra as she struck her staff one more time on the floor, and the transporter hummed to life before bathing the couple in a shaft of brilliant light.


Marvel Girl walked cautiously along a ruined street as she scanned the area for mental activity. She knew that several members of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard had beamed down to the surface of the Moon and been ordered to track her down. She tried to screen her own mind from enemy telepaths, but with her reduced powers, she had no idea if they would find her. The red-haired girl stumbled on a ragged piece of rock, then continued to make her way to a ruined temple at the center of an ancient city. Jean was walking in an area called the Blue section of the Moon. It was an anomaly on the satellite because within this crater was a breathable atmosphere. Scott had been transported here as well, but to a different site than hers.

Jean crouched behind some rubble as a purple-skinned man with a mohawk flew quickly over her position. He failed to notice her, and continued his flight past several ruined buildings. Jean sighed with relief, then yelped in surprise as a whip wrapped around her left ankle and pulled her from her feet.

A tan skinned young woman with long silver hair and pointed ears pulled tightly on the whip and kept Jean from standing up. A lumbering green robot with a smaller robot passenger on his back appeared from the shadows and advanced on the prone girl. Jean concentrated her mental powers and sent a stream of rubble smashing into the enormous machine. The robot stumbled slightly under the assault, but did not halt its advance. The dark elf whispered softly, and the whip sizzled with electrical energy that stunned Jean.

As the scantily-clad girl teetered from the energy burst, the robot reached her body and pulled her to her feet roughly with its large, metal hands. The dark elf smiled wickedly as she walked over to join the robot and its lovely prisoner.

"For such a dangerous girl, she wasn't very hard to catch," taunted the woman as she gazed up at Jean's immobile body. "Maybe she's not as strong as the Empress thought."

"It would be illogical to lower our guard at this moment," replied the robot coldly as it held Jean's wrists with both hands and raised them into the air, making the girl dangle on her tiptoes.

"Logic was never my strong point," remarked the dark elf with a smile as she lightly caressed Jean's breasts, then took off her yellow face mask. "Why cover up such a beautiful face, my dear?"

"Are we going somewhere, or are you going to kill me now?" asked Jean pragmatically.

"Oh, I'm going to kill you, bitch. But first, I'm going to have some fun," replied the dark elf woman as she ripped Jean's green tunic off and began to fondle her full breasts. Jean struggled in the robot's grip until it leaned her against its wide chest and restraints formed out of its metal skin to entrap her wrists and ankles to its huge body. The dark elf smiled lustfully as she leaned down to suck on the bound girl's round tits, biting her nipples to hardness as she fondled the girl's reddish-gold snatch with her free hand.

Jean moaned as the woman sucked on both of her breasts, then licked up her slim neck till she reached the girl's sweet, red lips. The leather-clad woman kissed Jean passionately on the lips, then probed inside the girl's mouth with her tongue. The red-haired girl leaned against the cold robot's skin as the woman knelt down to lick her warm cunt, then insert her tongue deeply into the girl's vagina. Jean panted deeply as the dark elf explored her womanhood lustfully, sucking on her soft pussy flesh until she orgasmed forcefully. Warm love honey poured from Jean's hot cunt into the dark elf's mouth, and the woman sucked every drop of it with relish.

The bound girl's body began to get hot as the dark elf inserted a finger into her throbbing pussy, thrusting deeply into Jean's tight snatch. The naked girl moaned loudly as the woman finger-fucked her wet vagina, then inserted another finger to probe her with. Jean pushed her hot crotch onto the dark elf's long fingers, panting with effort as sexual ecstasy filled her naked body like fine wine.

The little robot riding the back of the big one left its seat and crawled across its companion's thick neck, then reached forward with a thin, metal hand to stroke the naked girl's long, red hair. Jean looked at the small robot, smiled, then moved to put its questing fingers in her moist mouth. She sucked wantonly on its cold, metal digits as it regarded her with wide, searchlight-shaped eyes. As the robot pulled its fingers slowly out of her mouth, Jean licked each of the four digits, then sucked on the index finger like a cock as the robot thrust it deeply into her throat, then moved it to her sensuous, red lips.

The large robot grew an enormous cock out of its metal crotch and inserted it into the naked girl's throbbing pussy. Jean screamed with pleasure as the metal penis probed deeply into her cunt, then began pumping back and forth into her. The girl's full, creamy breasts jiggled up and down in time to the thrusts of the robot's rod, and she moaned with pleasure as she was brought to climax. The little robot climbed on top of her head and inserted its cock into her eager mouth, pushing the metal tool deeply into her throat as she sucked on it lustfully.

The dark elf woman licked the giant robot's cock and balls as it fucked Jean forcefully, penetrating deeply into her womanhood. The naked girl leaned forward, her breast heaving with exertion as the elf woman leaned up to suck hungrily on her sweating flesh. Jean moaned as the woman sucked deeply on her engorged tits, then she continued her own sucking on the small robot's enormous cock. It thrust its small crotch steadily against her face, the girl's red lips clasped tightly around its pulsing fuck rod. The robot made a small, bleeping noise as it shot greenish cum down her throat and across her mouth, which Jean licked up like candy with her wet tongue.

The large robot roared in ecstasy as it orgasmed in the girl's tight pussy, spurting green jism deep into her vagina. Jean screamed in sexual satisfaction as she climaxed again, mingling her warm honey with the robot's slimy cum. The dark elf woman kissed Jean deeply, then licked the little robot's cum from the girl's lips and sweet breasts.

As the naked girl leaned back against the chest of her robotic lover, the mental barriers in her mind collapsed, and the orgasmic energy of the Power Cosmic flowed like blood into her lovely body.

Phoenix's eyes smoldered like twin suns as she immersed herself in white-hot flames. The large robot screeched in pain as it released its grip on her, and let her fall gracefully to the ground. Phoenix formed her gold and black bodysuit around her slim body, then pointed a delicate hand at the dark elf before launching a stream of novaflame. The elf woman screamed as she was reduced to smoking ash, which allowed Phoenix to face her robotic nemesis.

The large robot opened its chest cavities, and clouds of missiles shot forward to explode around the deathly beautiful Dark Angel. Phoenix felt no pain as she ignored the missile assault and formed a energy bird around her body. The little robot jumped back into its rear seat and formed disruptor cannons on the large robot's shoulders, then fired twin azure beams of annihilation at Phoenix. The flaming girl formed a mental shield to block the death beams, then flew towards her metallic foe and punched her right arm forward, commanding the flame construct around her to do likewise.

The plasma phoenix punched forward with its right claw and sliced through the large robot's chest like it was tissue paper. The robot screamed in agony as Phoenix pulled its arms and legs away from its body, then smashed its skull in with a quick jab from her construct. The little robot jumped off the smoking debris of its dead companion, and attempted to flee. Phoenix snarled in derision as she fired a plasma blast at its retreating back and reduced it to melting slag.

Dark Phoenix gazed up into space, and used her enhanced vision to pinpoint the Shi'ar Dreadnought orbiting the satellite. Smiling lustfully, the Dark Angel flew on a column of fire up into the cold void of space and approached the bug-shaped vessel.

"Dark Phoenix has left the surface of the Moon and is advancing on our position," reported the tactical officer of the Queen's Sword.

"Raise the shields and charge weapons," ordered Empress Lilandra as she sat in the command chair of the bridge and watched the tac display on the main screen.

"Charles, can you reach her mind?" inquired the nervous ruler.

"I'm trying, but she's established a powerful psychic shield around herself. I won't catch her by surprise this time," replied the human telepath.

"Then we'll have to use the direct approach," said the Empress. "Weapons, lock disruptors on target and fire on my command."

"Disruptors charged and locked," replied the sweating Weapons officer.

"Fire!" shouted Lilandra before four ruby beams leapt from the Dreadnought and smashed into Dark Phoenix. The bridge crew cheered as a fireball of exploding plasma surrounded the red-haired girl, but did nothing to halt her fiery advance. Phoenix fired a plasma bolt at the Shi'ar vessel, and the ship lurched as one of its warp nacelles was sliced cleanly off.

"Shields down to forty-percent!" shouted the panicked tac officer before another bolt smashed into the main hull and created a huge breach. "Shields down to fifteen-percent."

"Fire all weapons at will!" ordered the Empress as control panels exploded and crewmen screamed as they were burned.

"It's over," sighed Prof. Xavier as he hung his head and placed his hands in his lap. "Dark Phoenix is free to ravage the universe."

"Never! I'll never give up!" screamed Lilandra as she pushed aside the dead body of the Weapons officer and fired another salvo of disruptors at Dark Phoenix. The flaming girl evaded the beams easily, then fired two more plasma bolts into the Dreadnought's hull, destroying its engines and control systems. The huge bug-like ship shuddered as secondary explosions blossomed on its ravaged skin, then it exploded in a expanding cloud of plasma and duranium alloy.

Dark Phoenix smiled in satisfaction as the Shi'ar vessel faded into motes of flotsam, then turned to regard the gleaming gem that was Earth. The beautiful, deadly young woman gazed lustfully at the vulnerable orb, then frowned as a burning spike of pain appeared in her mind. She screamed silently and clasped her head with both hands as her soul tore itself apart.

Phoenix teleported to an abandoned spot of coastline near New York City, then collapsed to her knees as shudders wracked her shapely form. With an brilliant explosion of light, two delicate hands emerged from the kneeling girl's back, then two naked arms, and a head of long, red-gold hair. A naked duplicate of Phoenix climbed out of her flesh and fell limply to the grass, panting for air.

The pain withdrew, allowing Dark Phoenix to stagger to her feet and regard the twin that lay shuddering on the ground. Probing the naked girl's mind, Phoenix found that she was exactly like her, but with no evil impulses. Somehow, the Power Cosmic had severed her good, moral self and spewed it out of her body. Kneeling down to regard her Good half, Dark Phoenix smiled and kissed the girl's wet, red hair before launching herself into the air and leaving Earth's atmosphere.


Dark Phoenix floated in the cold depths of space at the edge of the solar system and regarded all the helpless worlds before her. No one in creation could withstand her power, she could recreate the universe into anything she chose.

But that wouldn't be fun, the girl thought. No, this was a universe waiting to be raped and exploited, pleasures of the flesh wanting to be indulged. She would be the exploiter, she would make men and women cry from her lustful attentions. She would be the Goddess of Sex, and no one would dare refuse her.

Smiling at the possibilities, Dark Phoenix created a wormhole with a thought and plunged into the unknown.


Jean Grey hid behind a bush as a young couple entered the glade and lay down on the soft grass together. As the man and woman fondled each other and kissed passionately, Jean unconsciously fingered her warm pussy until they undressed and began to fuck each other loudly. Jean clouded their minds so they wouldn't see her as she slinked forward and grabbed the woman's tank top and shorts.

The naked girl quickly fled into the trees and ran until she couldn't feel any minds in the area. She quickly put on the top that barely covered her full, round breasts, then pulled on the tight shorts that hiked up her shapely ass nicely. Sighing regretfully, Jean walked through the small forest, then stood near a highway and bent one, slim, bare thigh seductively while holding her right thumb up for passing traffic. She didn't have to wait long.



"Dark Phoenix" is a copyright infringement of Marvel Comics by Philip Jurado, but go ahead and make copies, as long as credit to the author is maintained.

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